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  • 13 November 2014
  • Last modified at 20 April 2015

National biology science competition also known as ‘LCTB’ is one part of the activities of the National Science Party, Pesta Sains Nasional (PSN) (7-8th November 2014) organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Bogor Agricultural University/IPB) in collaboration with student executive board (BEM) of MIPA Faculty. LCTB consists of three main stages : preliminary, semi-finals and finals.

Of the 205 participants joined the group stage, 5 of them qualified to the final round. They were SMA Kharisma BangsaSMA Pribadi BandungSMA N 8 JakartaSMA IT Al Bina Boarding School Bekasi, and SMA NU M. Husni Thamrin. Especially for the final round, there were 3 Biology Department staff who act as judges, Ir. Hadisunarso M.Si., Dr. Berry Juliandi M.Si. and Mafrikhul Muttaqin M.Si..

All of the finalist in the final round need to complete  the Task Session, Throw Session, Case Study Session, and Fight Session. During the final four sessions, each group one after another in the gaining poin. At the last session (fight session) the competition is still tight. This session allows each group to gain more poin, or even get a reduce due to incorrect answers. This session has made the audience and the participants hold their breath because the atmosphere is tense but very excited.

In the end, Senior High school 8 Jakarta comes out as the winner with the highest score. Pribadi high school Bandung on the second place followed by Kharisma Bangsa High School, Senior High School IT Al Bina Boarding School Bekasi, and Senior High School NU M. Husni Thamrin. Congratulations to the winners. See you again next year of LCTB. Many thanks to Biology Student Association (Himabio) Faculty of IPB which has organized this event well.

(Translator: Ivan PP).


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