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Biology 49 held Cooking Day

  • 1 December 2014
  • Last modified at 20 April 2015

Biology students of class 49 held a joint cooking creativity named ‘Cooking Day Biology 49’. This event took place on Saturday, November 29th 2014, started from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm at Student Center parking hall, Dramaga Campus, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor. ‘Cooking Day Biology 49’ was held to strengthen the ‘family bond’ between them, to express creativity of students in the non-academic field (such us: cooking skill), and spend leisure time with positive activities. The idea of this event was proposed by Achmad Alfiyan and Apip Nurdin (Class Leader) assisted by some committees, as well as Biology 49 students who participated in the event .

Master of Ceremony of this event were Brian Theowidavitya and Rahmi Ainun. The event was followed by the preparation of foodstuffs that have been divided before. Each group has a different basic material of foodstuffs. After that, each group was given 100 minutes to cook food with their creativity. That was very fun and exciting because each student enthusiastically in processing the food they cook. The Dishes then presented for jury (Ira Zahara Wulansari and Mida Laila Pisema) which also student of Biology 49.

The food which made by each group were creative and delicious. Here's the list of menu that successfully made by participants:

Group 1:  Unimportant potato meatball with Ipomoea aquatica

Group 2:  White noodles with flavour that never existed

Group 3:  Black spicy oyster mushrooms, Tofu Mushroom ‘Pepes’

Group 4:  Eggplant Cordon Bleu Bolognaise Sauce, Eggplant Batagor Peanut Sauce

Group 5:  Tempe Steak

Group 6:  Baso buds : a Woman's Secret

Group 7:  Pasta Rainbow, Sweet Corn Pudding

Group 8:  Ifumie Rojak Sauce, Dessert (cheese, banana, pear, pineapple)

Group 9:  Lumpia with teri , Pepes teri, teri Green Sauce

Group 10: Chilli balls, Cabers tofu

The event will be held back with more innovation so it can strengthen ‘the bond’ between us more and more.

(Translator: Ivan PP).

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