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CONGRATULATION! Prof. Suharsono achieved 2015 West Java Innovation Award in Food Sector

  • 21 August 2015
  • Last modified at 24 August 2015

Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA, Head of the Plant Physiology and Genetics Division, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB achieved West Java Innovation Award 2015 for the Food Sector. The award has been given to Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA as his successful achievement for potato cultivar (named Jala IPAM) development. Jala Ipam is 1st potato cultivar for industrial French fries in Indonesia. Trophy, certificate, and gift given to him on August 19, 2015 in celebration event of 70th Anniversary of West Java in Gazibu Field, Bandung. The award given by West Java Governor, Dr. Ahmad Heryawan, who was accompanied by the Deputy Governor, Dedy Miswar. On the occasion, Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA also discussed with West Bandung Regent, Drs H. Abubakar, MSI, and the Chairman of Parliament West Bandung regency, AA Umbara Sutisna, SIP, for the development of potatoes, particularly potatoes for chips that can involve small and medium enterprises in the District. Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA and the IPB team have a plan to release a new cultivar of potato chips in 2016. In principle, West Bandung regency welcomed to cooperate with the IPB team. West Bandung regency was the breeding location of Jala IPAM and other potato cultivars. In addition, West Bandung is also one of the locations for multi-site test and validation test of potato varieties, both in order to release the valid variety or in order to complete plant variety protection (PVP).

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