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Announcements Archive July 2018

Invitation of Guest Lecture - Dirk Berkelmann

  • 30 July 2018

Guest Lecture in Microbiology

Dirk Berkelmann

Doctoral Student at the Department of Genomic and Applied Microbiology, Gottingen University, Germany

“Metagenomics and Bioinformatics in Microbial Ecology”

Date and Place: Thursday, August 2, 2018 (09.00 - 11.00WIB) at Reading Room (Ruang Baca) of Department of Biology

Collaborator: Prof. Dr. Anja Meryandini (Microbiology Division)

Invitation of Guest Lecture - Tadanori Aimi

  • 30 July 2018

Guest Lecture in Mycology

Prof. Dr. Tadanori Aimi

Faculty of Agriculture, Fungus/Mushroom Resource and Research Center (FMRC), Tottori  University, Japan

“Genetics and Breeding of Mushroom“

Date and Place: Thursday, August 9, 2018 (11.00 WIB) at Reading Room (Ruang Baca) of Department of Biology

Collaborator: Prof. Dr. Ir. LisdarA. Manaf (Mycology Division)

Student Thesis Defence 25 July 2018

  • 23 July 2018

Name: Iffah Dieni Haniefa

Student Registration Number: G34120088

Supervisors: Dr. Yohana C. Sulistyaningsih; Dr. Nunik Sri Ariyanti; Dr. Yulin Lestari

Title: The Role of Paraji and Ethnobotany of Plants Efficacious in Pre Treatment and Patient Births in Bogor Regency

Time: 08.30-10.30 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 1, Department of Biology

Student Thesis Defence 23 and 26 July 2018

  • 20 July 2018

Name: Kartika Marta Djakaria

Student Registration Number: G34140008

Supervisors: Windra Priawandiputra, Ph.D; Dr. Tri Atmowidi; Prof.Dr. Lisdar A. Manaf

Title: Married Behavior and Body Size of Each Phase in the Lifecycle of Lives

Date: 23 July 2018

Time: 09.00-11.00 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 4, Department of Biology


Name: Ermayanti

Student Registration Number: G34140071

Supervisors: Taruni Sri Prawasti, M.Si; Windra Priawandiputra, Ph.D; Dr. Yohana C. Sulistyaningsih

Title: Structure of Morphohistology of the Digestive Tract of Mantis sp. and Periplaneta sp.

Date: 26 July 2018

Time: 13.00-15.00 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 4, Department of Biology

Invitation of Guest Lecture - Antonio Costa de Oliveira

  • 20 July 2018

Guest Lecture in Plant Biology

Prof. Dr. Antonio Costa de Oliveira

Department of Plant Sciences, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil 

“Bioinformatic Tools for the Study of Abiotic Stresses“

Date and Place: Friday, July 20, 2018 (14.30 WIB) at Reading Room (Ruang Baca), the Department of Biology

Collaborator: Dr. Ir. Miftahudin M.Si. (Plant Physiology and Genetics Division)

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