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[invitation] BIONIC 2017

  • 18 April 2017
  • Last modified at 18 April 2017


Proudly Present


“Post-Mine Site Restoration”

Biology on Science and Application (BIONIC) is the special event in 2017 that contains many attractive event series including of the National seminar, National essay competition, National scientific paper competition, Expo, and Workshop that will held by Biology Student Association HIMABIO IPB. The main theme of this event is ” Post-Mine Site Restoration”. The purpose of this event is collecting aspiration and creativity to criticize the recent enviromental issues.

The mining activity has many possitive effects for economical sector, but also has many negative impacts for the environment (biophysic damage). The environmental biophysical damage such as lost of soil protection,  lost of biodiversity (gene pool), degradation of DAS (watershed), increasing erotion, and contamination of heavy metal to natural water source. If these issues not be overcome soon, it will disturb mankind sustainability. So, we need the solutions for this, like environmental conservation activity.

BIONIC take all of us to become more critical for the enviromental condition, especially post-mine site. Be sides of that,  BIONIC want to improve the people paradigm of  restoration after poost-mine site by helding this seminar and workshop. BIONIC seminar will bring about the speakers who expert in their field. They will explain the importance and procedure of restoration after maining area. BIONIC workshop will apply the simple way restoring of after maining area.

Detailed information about seminar dan workshop:

  • BIONIC Seminar
    • The speakers:
      • Dr. Achmad Sjarmidi (Lecturer of Technology School of Biological Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung)
      • Bpk. Yohanes Panurian (Planning Production and Control Dept. Head, PT. Indocement Tunggal Tbk)
      • Dr. Ir. Irdika Mansur M. For. Sc (Lecturer in the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University)
    • Ticket prize:
      • IPB students: Rp35.000,00
      • Public: Rp40.000,00


  • BIONIC Workshop
    • Theme: training procedures in landscape function analysis (LFA) on post-mining land.
    • The speaker and the trainer:  Hirmas Fuady Putra M.Si. (Lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University)
    • Maximum participant number: 50 persons
    • Ticket prize:
      • Undergrduate: Rp50.000,00
      • Post-graduate: Rp75.000,00
    • Public: Rp100.000,00
    • Facility: Statineries and software (worksheet excel)
    • Learning outcome : scoring and inputing data, before rehabilitating/restorning/reclamating the area

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