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  • 27 April 2018
  • Last modified at 27 April 2018


BIONIC (Biology on Science and Application) is an event that openly discusses up-to-date issues that happen around us. This event consists of various series of events like LKTIN (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Nasional), National essay competition, Seminar, Workshop, Gala dinner, and Expo.
The theme of BIONIC 2018 is “Local Bioresource for National Food Security”. We hope this event could serve as a platform for students to deliver their aspiration to help to resolve latest issues about food security in Indonesia.
Workshop and seminar are open to the public.



The seminar will be held at 6th of May in Bogor Agricultural University, the speaker for our discussion about Indonesian food security will be :

  1. Desmarwansyah. SP. M.Sc. (Director Biotech & Seed DirectorCropLife Indonesia) : “Substitusi Pangan dengan Produk GMO Bersertifikasi”
  2. Ir. Stefanus Indrayana (General Manager Corporate Communication PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur) : “Industri Pangan Indonesia”
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. F. G. Winarno (Bapak Teknologi Pangan Indonesia) : “Peran Teknologi untuk Pangan Indonesia”
  4. Prof. Dr. Aris Tri Wahyudi M.Si. (Guru Besar bidang Mikrobiologi Fakultas MIPA Institut Pertanian Bogor) : “Plant-Microbes Interactions”



The workshop will be held at 5th of May in Bogor Agricultural University, with two topics of discussion :

  1. "Bee And Bee Pollen Diversity From Indonesian Local Honey" that will be guided by Dr. Ir. Rika Raffiudin M.Si.
  2. "Inovasi Produk Jamur (WeiQi) Sebagai Makanan Cepat Saji Bernutrisi Tinggi" that will be guided by Prof. Dr. Ir. Lisdar A. Manaf (Lisdar I. Sudirman)



  • Seminar: Rp 25.000
  • Workshop 
    • Mahasiswa IPB Rp 100.000
    • Public Rp 125.000
  • Package
    • A : “couples package” seminar (2 people) Rp 45.000
    • B : “group package” seminar (5 people) Rp 110.000
    • C : “workshop and seminar package” 
      • Rp 120.000 (IPB college students)
      • Rp 135.000 (public) 

So, what are you waiting for? Registration link:

More info :
Biology on Science and Application (BIONIC)
Himabio IPB 2017/2018
Contact Person : Devi Risvia Fitri 083817415583
IG : bionic_ipb
@Line : @rbj6322r

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