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Student Thesis Defence 12 October 2018

  • 9 October 2018
  • Last modified at 10 October 2018

Name: Anisah

Student Registration Number: G34140006

Supervisors: Dr. Nisa Rachmania M; Dr. Aris Tjahjoleksono; Dr. Gayuh Rahayu

Title: Rizobacteria Inoculant Formulation as Producer of Indole-3-Acetic Acid and Its Test on Chili Rawit (Capsicum Frustescens L.)

Time: 08.30-10.30 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 3, Department of Biology


Name: Lutfiani Maulidya Rahmah

Student Registration Number: G34140037

Supervisors: Dr. Hamim; Dr. Deden Saprudin; Dr. Achmad Farajallah

Title: Effect of Treatment of Gold Mine Liquid Waste on Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology of Pecan Sunan and Mindi Plants

Time: 09.00-11.00 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 1, Department of Biology


Name: Muhammad Ridwan Rizky

Student Registration Number: G34130081

Supervisors: Dr. Ence Darmo Jaya Supena; Hadisunarso, M.Si; Dr. Sri Listiyowati

Title: Androgenesis Induction of Antera Leunca (Solanum Nigrum L.) Culture with Temperature and Starvation Media Treatment and Addition of Prolina

Time: 13.30-15.30 WIB

Place: Ruang Sidang 1, Department of Biology

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