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Happy Mother's Day From Biology Students Association (HIMABIO IPB)

  • 22 December 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014 to Female Lecturers of Department of Biology! Thank you for all the knowledges that you have shared to our students.

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Five Biology Department Students Attended the IPB Student Management Leadership Training

  • 22 December 2014

Sunday, December  21st, 2014 commonly was a holiday for most people but not for five students from Biology Department who joined IPB student management leadership training. Arnian, Rezki, Fadli, Apip Nurul and Suci spent their weekend for something meaningful and valuable for their future. They attended the first row of The Student Management Leadership Training (Latihan Kepemimpinan Manajemen Mahasiswa/LKMM) which was held by IPB Student Directorate in Santa Monica…

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Biology 49 held Cooking Day

  • 1 December 2014

Biology students of class 49 held a joint cooking creativity named ‘Cooking Day Biology 49’. This event took place on Saturday, November 29th 2014, started from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm at Student Center parking hall, Dramaga Campus, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor. ‘Cooking Day Biology 49’ was held to strengthen the ‘family bond’ between them, to express creativity of students in the non-academic field (such us: cooking skill), and spend leisure time with…

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  • 13 November 2014

National biology science competition also known as ‘LCTB’ is one part of the activities of the National Science Party, Pesta Sains Nasional (PSN) (7-8th November 2014) organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Bogor Agricultural University/IPB) in collaboration with student executive board (BEM) of MIPA Faculty. LCTB consists of three main stages : preliminary, semi-finals and finals. Of the 205 participants joined the group stage, 5 of them qualified to the final round. They were SMA Kharisma…

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Rahmah Arfiyah Ula and Representative of Bogor Regency Become The Grand Champion of JUMTEK 2014

  • 19 October 2014

Jumpa, bakti, gembira, dan temu karya (JUMTEK) 2014 was the final agenda of development activity for PMI volunteers. The purpose of this activity was to conduct a gathering, evaluation, as well as a form of appreciation of PMI to the management, staff, and volunteers, "said Dani Ramdan, vice-chairman of West Java PMI field of human resources and volunteers, as well as chairman of the committee organizers. JUMTEK 2014 took place on 13th October 17, 2014 in Katapang Doyong Field Pangandaran.…

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