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Announcements Archive March 2018

Student Research Seminar 12 March 2018

  • 12 March 2018

Name : Nindy Seftyani

Student Registration Number : G34140023

Title : Sylvaya Leaf Simplex Test (Annona Squamosa) on Dendrit Complexity in Hippocampus and Spatial Memory Performance

Time : 10.00-10.40 WIB

Place : Class Room BIO 1.3, Department Biology


Name : M Luthfi Salam

Student Registration Number : G34140016

Title : Identification and Characterization of Rumen Bacteria that have Cellulase Enzyme Activity and Xylanase

Time : 10.45-11.05 WIB

Place : Class Room BIO 1.3, Department Biology


Name : Dina Farisah Hayati

Studen Registration Number : G34140032

Title: Woman Reproductive Span in Semendo Poeple, South of Sumatera

Time : 11.05-11.50

Place : Class Room BIO 1.3, Department Biology

Selection Result of IPB - ON MIPA 2018 (Biology)

  • 6 March 2018


Students below have a right to follow the coaching session of ON MIPA. 

Siswadi Aji Hutomo G34150070
Rena Rifki Safitri G34150064
Meilisa Dwi N G34150050
Yogy Satria Ariyanto G34160068
Iffah N F24170103
Ibnu Halim G34170019

Congratulation! Dr. Ir Yulin Lestari has a New Position

  • 2 March 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Ir Yulin Lestari.  This morning will be inaugurated as KaSubDit. Learning Development, Directorate of Program Development and Education Technology IPB.

May you always healthy, given ease and success in carrying mandate. 

Student Thesis Defence 7 and 12 March 2018

  • 2 March 2018

Name : Sheila Kharismadewi

Student Registration Number : G34130102

Sepervisors : Dr. Puji Rianti; Dr. Matthew G. Nowak; Dr. Achmad Farajallah

Title : Foraging Skill Learning of Immature Tapanuli Orangutans at Camp Mayang Research Station, North Sumatera

Time : 10.00-12.00 WIB

Place : Ruang Sidang 4, Department of Biology


Name : Dini Puspa Zahra

Student Registration Number : G34140068

Supervisors : Dr. Bambang Suryobroto; Dr. Puji Rianti; Dr. Dorly

Title: Woman Reproductive Period In Kampung Adat Dukuh, Cikelet District, Garut Regency

Time : 14.00-15.30

Place : Ruang Sidang 4, Department of Biology


Name : Dyah Imamah Khaerina

Student Registration Number : G34130098

Supervisors : Prof.Dr. YM Diah Ratnadewi; Dra. Endang Hadipoenyanti; Dr. Iman Rusmana

Title : Inductions of Mutation and In Vitro Selection for Tolerance to Drought on Patchouli (Pogestemon Cablin Benth)

Time : 13.00-15.00 WIB

Place : Ruang Sidang 2, Department of Biology

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